The Advantages of Buying at Auction

  • Auctions are Popular!

More than half of the U.S. population has attended a live auction in their lifetime

    (2004 Harris Interactive)

Over a quarter trillion dollars are sold at auction every year in the United States. This doesn’t include items sold on eBay and other online auction Web sites!

  • FUN Auction Facts

Consumers consider attending an auction a rewarding activity for the whole family

Consumers are willing to drive 1.3 hours to attend an auction

83% of consumers feel auctions are an exciting way to get great values and deals

65% think they offer exciting items they wouldn’t otherwise purchase

97% think auctions are FUN!!!

  • The Advantages of Buying At Auction

Speed of process

Efficiency of process

Transparency of process

Consumers can set their own price

Consumer know exactly what they are getting

Opportunity to purchase items at the price they want to pay


  • When Attending An Auction

Show Up Early and Register and Complete Paperwork

Examine Items You Plan To Bid On

Understand The Terms and Conditions of the Auction

Listen Closely To The Auctioneer and Be Prepared To Bid

Where to Find Your Next Auction

  • Auction Calendar

  • National Auctioneers Association

Professional association built by Auctioneers, for Auctioneers over 60 years ago

Members abide by strict Code of Ethics

Members come from communities large and small across the country and world

The NAA and its members are dedicated to professionalism in the auction profession and the promotion of the auction method of marketing

  • What’s The Auctioneer Saying

The trademark bid call of an Auctioneer can be broken down into two parts:

Statement: “I have 5 dollars”

Question: “Would you bid 10”

Speed it up and repeat and you have the famous chant of an Auctioneer!

  • Types of Auctions

Absolute: Property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price.

Minimum Bid Auction: Bids are accepted at or above an advertised minimum price.

Reserve: Seller has the right to accept or reject any offer that falls below a confidential reserve price.


  • SOLD!


Source: National Auctioneers Association